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Audio System

Our highly trained team of audio technicians sets up the audio prior to your event’s start time, ensuring that the sound is ready to go. We carefully select the right audio rentals for you to be able to deliver the best quality audio solution for each event. 

Video Equipment

We have LED screens, and varies high resolution video equipment to deliver video solutions that are crystal clear and can be seen by all your guests. Our technicians will set up the video to help you make sure that your event is a success.

Lighting Equipment

Our creative team mixes color schemes to align it with your event theme and general ambience. Lighting is an important part of an event’s success and we strive to match the lighting with the video and sound, providing a high quality experience.

Staging Supplies

We have everything from a basic staging design to high-end custom scenic design staging solutions. We have all types of staging gear and we even offer custom designs. We strive to deliver a staging solution that surpasses your expectations.

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Red Sound and Lighting is a GTA-based audio, video, and lighting company and have been in business for over a decade. We help clients with corporate events, conferences, and business meetings. We ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction for corporate events. We have a huge inventory of top quality A/V equipment ready to serve your needs at short notice. We have a team of trained technicians available within a 24 hour notice for your next event and we ensure quality service to make your next event a success. Our commitment to service is guaranteed and we consistently deliver results and value.


We are professional, reliable, dependable, and can work with short notice to make your next event a success. We have a team of highly trained technicians that have been working with us for over a decade and are committed to ensuring top quality customer service. We service the entire GTA from Oshawa to Hamilton, and areas outside the GTA upon request. Our business is locally and family owned and we strive to deliver the best quality of service to our customers, taking into account every customer’s request. Our attention to detail, eye for design, and passion for technology and delivering events allow us to be able to service any type of corporate event.


Red Sound and Lighting is owned by Carl Cole and was started a decade ago in Mississauga due to a market need for good quality A/V equipment and supplies for corporate events in the GTA. We started as a family-owned corporation in Mississauga and have now expanded to service the entire GTA. Due to our passion for design, our vast inventory of audio, video, and lighting equipment, and our experienced staff, we consistently strive to deliver the best solutions in the A/V market.


We strive to deliver top quality customer service and a great inventory of A/V equipment ready to serve customer needs for corporate events. Our goals are to expand our business nationally to reach additional customers and more events and to consistently improve our quality of service. We strive to keep up with the changing face of cutting-edge technology and are at the forefront of changes in the A/V market. Our passion for design and technology will allow us to be always ready to meet customer needs. We love what we do and you can count on us to make your next event a success.


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